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Services & Prices


People and horses share a special bond, therefore, horses can be people’s friends, allies as well as companions in various situations in life. Horseback riding is a great leisure activity for both adults and children. It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know these noble, beautiful animals better, get over your fear of getting on a horse and maybe even discover a new passion in life. Our experience shows that after the first time many people come back and their passion for horses turns into a serious hobby.

We offer horseback riding for both adults and children. Beginners can learn the basic skills of horseback riding and those who have already tried it out can strengthen their skills and keep improving. Horseback riding takes place in a scenic setting – through meadows, in a forest. Beginners’ lessons take place at a special horseback riding training area under the close supervision of a riding trainer. Horseback riding is a great gift for a birthday or any other celebration. It will be an unforgettable adventure for anyone.


We offer the following services:

  • Horseback riding regardless of the number of people (for one person, family, group of friends etc.). Price: 30 EUR/hr.
  • Romantic ride for 2 person 70 EUR/hr.
  • Individual ride for 1 person 40 EUR/hr
  • Horseback riding for children: 20 EUR/30 min. This service is available for children from 3 years of age accompanied by an adult.
  • Horse hire for weddings: 50 EUR/hr.
  • Decorated horse for special events (presentations, celebrations corporate events etc.): 50 EUR/1hr.
  • Swimming with horses in summer: 40 EUR/1hr.


Additional services:

  • Photo session with horses for up to 1 hr: 50 EUR. Horse hire cost is not included. Take this opportunity at any time of the year to create lasting memories in unique photos.
  • An opportunity to order a horse for special events at your desired place. We will provide transportation, preparation, and care for the horse at the venue. Price by agreement.
  • Gift cards – choose one or more services from our offer and we will prepare a gift card to suit your choice. Send a list of your chosen services to the following email: andrasteinberga@inbox.lv.
  • We offer subscriptions for regular horseback riding lessons, prepare offers for families, for corporate needs: for your employees, clients, partners etc.

Horseback riding is available all year round with advance booking over the phone: 29126410


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