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Horseback riding

Horse or pony rides for children

Horseback riding for children from 3 years of age takes place with an instructor and accompanied by parents. Price: 20 EUR/30 min or 30 EUR/hr

Taking horses for a swim

Did you know that horses love water? Go for a fun swim with horses in the River Daugava. Splashing and fun guaranteed! Perfect activity in the sweltering summer heat. No saddle is used for swimming and horseback riding skills are advisable. Activity accompanied by instructors. Price: 35 EUR per hour

Horseback riding (hiking) in the area

Escape the daily hustle to feel the peace and charm of nature on a horse’s back here in Katlakalns. Horseback riding takes place in a forest and is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. The speed of horseback riding depends on rider’s skills. Before the ride you will be briefed on safety and horse leading. An instructor will accompany you on another horse or by leading your horse with a lead rein. Dress according to the season and weather – wear long pants and steady, closed footwear in summer. The maximum number of people to go horseback riding at the same time is 8. Price: 25 EUR per hour (during the day)

School trips

We organize school trips where we tell about the daily life and habits of horses. Visitors will have a chance to treat horses to a special snack they have brought with them such as a carrot, apple, cabbage or beet as well as go for a small ride on a horse. The activity takes 1 – 1.5 hours. Price: 5.00 EUR per child (for a group of at least 12 little riders)

Bachelor or bachelorette party

Do you want to arrange something special for your friends? Horseback riding will be a nice adventure to remember. Up to 8 horses can go on a ride together. You can combine the ride with a photo shoot or an interesting task. After the ride you can have a picnic in the wild or rent our fully equipped terrace. Price: 30 EUR per hour. Terrace hire per day: 50 EUR