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Riding lessons

Individual horseback riding training for adults and children

If you have been dreaming about horseback riding in the countryside or simply been wanting to learn these skills, then individual training is just what you need. Experienced instructors will professionally train you or your children to handle and understand a horse. We teach how to communication with a horse, correct seat and horse leading, riding at all paces and how to act in various situations, how to take care of the horse. We offer classes with show jumping and dressage coaches. We have a horse-riding arena with good ground covering, show jumping obstacles as well as an arena for dressage. We supply equipment, helmets and safety vests, if needed Price: 30.00 EUR per training hour


Horseback riding classes in a group

If you have mastered the basic riding skills and know how to stay in the saddle safely, you can join group classes. Call us to find out the schedule. We offer horseback riding training to both sports enthusiasts and horse lovers. Price: 30 EUR per hour